Newark Lock & Locksmith Key Cutting For Car Newark, NJ


We’ve all been there. That moment when we’re left utterly helpless and simply cannot pull through without external help. And the same goes for missing keys. When you end up losing your car keys, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to coax your lock into unlocking or convince the ignition to fire up. If you’re ever in need of key cutting for cars , then you’ve come to the right place! Newark Lock & Locksmith is a premier locksmithing agency that runs a special automotive division to cater to vehicular lock & key concerns.

What it involves?

Cutting car keys is everything but simple. With the modern vehicular security industry evolving at a rapid pace, the lock & key systems of today, are far removed from what they were a few decades ago. The keys need to be crafted with extreme precision and the programmable variants require a lot of technical know-how about the working of the key. No hardware store technician can help you with key cutting for cars. They neither have the expertise needed for the job nor the equipment for it.

Costs involved:

This might not come in cheap, especially, if what you’re looking for is a replacement for transponder keys. Your dealership would probably charge you hundreds of bucks for it and may even take days to ship the finished key to you. However, you can avail key cutting for cars , at a fraction of the price, if you approach an auto locksmith in Newark, NJ area for the same.

Choose Newark Lock & Locksmith:

Newark Lock & Locksmith Newark, NJ 973-512-5420We can assure you precise key cutting for cars and make no compromises on the quality of the same. All our blanks are procured from top manufacturers and we’ve got the finest grade machinery to aid the process. We can cut and program keys, such as:

  • Transponder car keys
  • Car key fob
  • Standard car keys

Need new keys in an emergency?

You might have broken you key off in the ignition or lost track of where you dropped the keys, whatever the case, an emergency like this calls for an immediate solution. For all you know, you could be stuck in an unknown location in the dead of the night. We run mobile operations 24/7. All our key cutting equipment is loaded up in our vans and even if you’re locked out on a desolate highway, we’ll get the keys made, right there, on the road.

Save our number – 973-512-5420 – for all your key cutting needs!